Tangri Law Firm Professional Corporation which provides legal guidance to individuals, corporations and even to the peer communities tangled in any litigation regarding matters, or facing difficulty with Canadian immigration issues. It has its offices in different countries including, Canada, India, and China. More specifically the locations are Burlington and Mississauga in Canada, Gurgaon and Mohali in India, Dubai, and Shenzhen in China. It works to understand the fact that every client has different needs that require different legal approaches, practical pieces of advice, solvable solutions, and moral resolutions. It provides services to the clients regarding any problem of visa applications, obtaining permanent residency, admissions of a student, granting of a student visa, investor visa, work visas, investor require representation with an appeal, and many more.

It works on the norms of Ethical beliefs and access to justice and greater belief to the lawyers for the best outcome. It is based on the value which is uncomplicated and effortless i.e. it enlarges the client's expectations, stays accountable with ardent lawyers, and dealing clients' long-term necessities.

Our firm has expertise in the area of litigation including contravention of contract matters, insurance indemnity argument, and actions of the plaintiff based in derelictions of duty. We fight on the reliance of our clients' ferventness, to secure the best possible outcome.


Our firm comprises of Professional workers from different areas of the legal fraternity. We are full time practicing authorised lawyers with adequate knowledge in the respective field. This means we deal personally with the Government while others appoint us to outsource the work of their clients. We also have consulters from different backgrounds including banking, media & social media, corporate world, education, political science, and other important areas.


” A jury​ consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has a better lawyer”

Robert Frost


We'll do everything we can to make our approach in representing our clients is simple: Advocate zealously, and achieve favorable results while acting ethically.!