Invest Your Money in Canada

One of the finest destinations to settle people from all over the world is offered by Canada. With the provision of the best quality services of life, training, civil liberties, administration lucidity, and economic liberty, Canada has evolved as the most preferred choice for the shareholders, scholars, and skilled workers. The firm country is known for its diverse history, philosophy, and essence is the best location to land at.

Basis: Why Canada?

Clarity of thought is required for why to choose this destination i.e. Canada! The basic advantages for this locale selection include the following:

●      Top grade achievement on global studies

●      Collaborator of G8 and NAFTA

●      Excellent Canadian medical management

●      Superior coaching set-up

●      Affluent societal, aesthetic, and spiritual heterogeneity

●      A secured country to plan your stay

A few renowned strategies supervised by the allied Administrator of Canada that is suggested for entrepreneurs for speculation and long-term migration along with their families are:

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)

This plan of action aspires capable industry folks (counting crofters, tycoons, dealers, and other commerce people) to fund CAD $800,000 into Quebec’s wealth, move with their family (other half & dependent children under the age of 19), and hold persistent possessions.

Key eligibility needed for this program is as follows:

●      The candidate is required to present the trading experience at least two times in the previous five years before they contest themselves.

●      The aspirant must hold a net worth of a minimum of CAD$1,600,000 (including spouse’s part) that was obtained lawfully.

●      Either Invest CAD $800,000 (promised investment by the Government and is repaid after five years in exclusive of the dividends)


Subsidize an amount of CAD $220,000 rather than investing CAD $800,000 that would be funded by the Canadian Government (CIC) authorized dealer/bank. Sunrise can provide assistance to their customers.

For those who want to drift along with their families under the banker category because it permits funding of a large segment of the investment should go for this incomparable Quebec investor program. Also, for the scheme, the applicants are not needed to build or handle the business in Quebec laboriously.

Sunrise facilitates its clients with authentication, conceptualizing the complete procedure along with investing, and also caters access to the legitimate consultant from skilled immigration lawyers in the globe.

British Columbia-Provincial Nominee Program (BC-PNP)

British Columbia is the highly recommended business centre midst the pretty and diverse cultural zones in Canada. The mention is majorly because of its tremendously qualified and expert workers.

BC-PNP is contrastingly a profitable relocating program fabricated to sustain the financial escalation as well as the labor vend of BC. It appeals to proprietors who are exploring more to invest in BC and those who can further utilize their funding for developing jobs out of it.

Approx 200 enrollments are undertaken each month after which an invitation to register is sent to the highest rankers among the candidates. The application selection is usually a short-term activity, but if not done at the time then it may take a time span of six months. A work license is granted to successful applications. On fulfillment of specific needs of the BC government along with coordinating a business venture in the city, the government of British Columbia (PNP Office) then publish a letter of nomination to request for eternal Residency to that individual as well as his family ((including children up to the age of 19 years).

Basic demands of the BC-PNP program are:

●      General Nomination Requirements

🡺    Minimal CAD$600,000 individual worth

🡺    Either a Proprietor or a top guidance experience

🡺    Handling business venture and needs to be updated on a daily basis

●      Business Demands:

🡺    A minimum investment of CAD$200,000 in business in BC is necessary

🡺    The candidate needs to accomplish a new business or buy and refine an existing venture. The initial business concept is required to submit after which the marks will be assigned depending on attributes like sustainability, the contender’s skills, and profitability. When the invite is received then the comprehensive business scheme needs to be presented.

🡺    Construct a minimum of one perpetual job for a Canadian native or permanent resident in the business.

The professional sunrise’s team of lawyers & geniuses are around to show you the direction at each step. They will definitely counsel you on personalized business logic and plans.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

One of the most coveted business destination provinces in Canada is Manitoba. It is a land of lakes, rivers offering some beautiful views enhancing the biodiversity of the area. Being home to several qualified and professional workers of Canada this is a decent city in the country.

This program for business validates the province to pick eligible business experienced persons from around the world so that they can invest in to inaugurate a novel business or collaborate in on-going business and migrate to Manitoba with their families as permanent residents. The significant contribution of the entrepreneur and agricultural immigrants is revealed through the history of settlers from different backgrounds in the province. These newcomers play a key role in the province’s financial & statistical construct.

The province permits businessmen to resettle with their dear ones in Manitoba via selection and further facilitates the immigration procedure by the Canadian Government.

Eligibility for the Program as per province demands:

🡺    A minimum score evaluated on the point-based system must be attained by the candidate

🡺    The individual should hold the net worth of CAD$ 350,000

🡺    At least three years of business ownership or should have a high-ranking management experience.

🡺    The candidates need to pay a promised amount of CAD $100,000 after visiting the agreement terms and conditions. The deposit amount is refundable without dividends.

🡺    CAD $150,000 minimum investment needs to be made by the investor in the estate capital as elucidated from the scratch by the program.

Manitoba- Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative (FSRI)

Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative (FSRI) is a proposal by the province of Manitoba under MPNP-B. This strategy lead by the economic city is offered to the individuals with certified agricultural business experience and the adequate reserves to invest with a curiosity to create and run a farm in the agrarian Manitoba.

The province values its agronomists and appreciates the role played by them. In order to help them the state look around for the practiced farmer around the globe who are willing to settle in Manitoba, through this program. Thus, those who apply for the program are assumed to set up and run a farm in the rustic Manitoba that generates the chief natural products instability with the state’s prevalent farm sector. Those farm sectors or businesses that do not produce the same will fall under MPNP-B.

Eligibility for this Visa and PR:

🡺    The minimum personal legalized net worth of CAD$ 350,000 is required

🡺    Manifested three years of farm ownership and business.

🡺    The contestant must be flexible enough to adapt to both varieties; technical understanding and hands-on technology-based farming that will be handed over immediately to Manitoba's primary farm commercial production.

🡺    Necessary exploratory visits are required to be made by the migrant in order to apply for the program visa.

🡺    Require to deposit a good-faith amount of CAD $75,000 which is compensated later without interest. Make sure to watch the terms and conditions for the same.

🡺    A particular value of CAD $150,000 in the capital should be invested by the applicant, as specified by Manitoba.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

The eminent fattening economy in Canada, Saskatchewan, credits its immigrants from the world who landed there and made the state their home. The Federal government and the Provincial Government of Saskatchewan set to program the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) under the Canada- Saskatchewan immigrant Agreement, 2005. It permits the provincial government to pick the applicants who satisfy the eligibility criteria specified by it, to the federal government to validate the settlement immigrant grant.

Therefore, the skilled, educated, and professionals are picked through SINP and also enhances the economy of the province.

Sub-classification of SINP:

●      Saskatchewan businessmen and Farm category

●      Cosmopolitan capable workers

●      Saskatchewan trained category

Note that the International Skilled Workers category is for abroad citizens presently residing or working in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Experience Category is for experts/adept employees in particular fields of work and is explained in the Skilled Worker/ Professional Migration section of this website.


Program fabricated so that the Government of Saskatchewan can suggest people who are ready to possess and run a business in the region & who qualified the basis of instruction to register for permanent housing to the federal government of Canada via a Saskatchewan Province Nomination Certificate.

This program looks up for the expression of interest of the contestants who have a minimum worth of CAD $500,000 for the business and capital investment. Secondly, at least two years of business experience in the past ten years before registering is mandatory. Either minimum funding of CAD $300,000 in Regina and Saskatoon or investment of CAD $200,000 in all other Saskatchewan communities is needed. If the applicant fulfills all the wishes of the Government of Saskatchewan by qualifying the pointers assigned then they will be asked to sign a Business Performance Agreement (BPA) with the government of Saskatchewan. The letter provided employs the applicant’s application to CIC for a Temporary Work Permit (TWP which is a two-year work visa granted to the entire family). Later after experiencing the hands-on business with the BPA and satisfying the requirements of the Government, the applicants are selected by SINP for PR to CIC. An exploratory visit to Saskatchewan is mandatory.

SINP Farm Category

This category gives chance to qualified applicants and their dear ones (inclusive of dependents below 19 years), to receive permanent housing and buy & run a farm in Saskatchewan. But for this, it is compulsory that applier discovery visit to Saskatchewan.

Amidst other requirements, the appliers for the Farm owner/ operator category should be capable of showing at least CAD $500,000 confirmable net worth sanctioned by third party which was gained by legitimate means. Also, the applier must possess and display knowledge and experience of running a farm.

Additionally, some modified criteria under Young farmers stream i.e. appliers under 40 years. For this, a confirmed net worth of at least CAD $300,000 sanctioned by third party must be displayed. Besides basic requirements like to farm owner-operator category, the applier or their partner must possess marketable employment adept, depending on their education and experience, so they can increase their farm income.

The applier must invest CAD $150,000 for a new or present farm operation in Saskatchewan. Also, the applier has to deposit refundable faith money of CAD $75,000 in Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Trust Fund.

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