Immigration FAQ

No limits have been stated by the Government of Canada on their formal website to register for Canada PR. But maximum age is described normally as after a particular age, so it will be difficult for the applicants to fulfill the criteria consisting 67 points. Because no points will be awarded for their age.

The highest age ceiling to enroll for Canada PR is 46 years. This is because people over this age don’t receive any points. Keep in mind that Canada PR is solely based on a system of points.  

As per Citizenship and Immigration Canada, a proof claiming settling investment of at least $10,000 CAD per person is required. Extra $2000 CAD for every member accompanying the migrant will be needed. An anomaly to this case is if you have a prior planned job offer.

Keep in mind the settling investment is not uniform across the entire Canada. It varies according to the area and family size. However, requirements & expenses of a family vary in separate areas in Canada. To estimate a budget for a newbie leaving shifting charges & flight costs, here are some instructions:

        1 mature individual migrating: $ 25,000 CAD

        1 Due shifting together: $ 30,000 CAD

        1 Duo with a child below 10 years: $ 33,000 CAD

        1 Couple with a child above 10 years: $ 35,000 CAD

        For every added child below 10 years: add $ 1,000

        For every added child above 10 years: add $ 2,000

The charges detailed here will provide sufficient inhaling area to land in a new territory. These expenses are before you get a job & earn money. It may be sufficient for daily needs about 4-6 months based on your money management skills. Any sum less than this will be difficult to manage.

A variety of migration schemes are available if you want to go to Canada from India.  You can file for a Provisional Residency Visa through these schemes. Some schemes commonly applied to are-:

• The Federal Express Entry System

• The Provincial Nominee Programs

• The Quebec Skilled Workers Program

A Majority of migration schemes in Canada are judged upon the scores. The candidate has to guarantee that he/she meets the indispensable qualification of these schemes.  They have to get a certain amount of points required in all the diverse aspects of their portfolio. This criteria encompasses Language Proficiency, Work Experience, Education, etc. Only after this they can 

Immigration to Canada has six major classes:


        Federal Skilled Worker Program

         Business Immigrant

         Canada Experience Class

        Provincial Nominee Program

        Quebec Skilled Worker Program

        Family Sponsorship


Every class here caters to varied audiences and possesses separate qualifying requirements. Needs for the FSWP are:

Flair work experience: Applicant should have at least one year of full-time & consistent work experience in the past ten years before applying for PR. A consistent part-time job will also qualify. This must be a part of the following skill types; Skill Type B, A, or 0 in the Canadian NOC (National Occupational Classification.)

Language proficiency: One has to exhibit language capability of at least CLB 7 – Canadian Language Benchmark. The exam outcome should be from an institute that is assigned by IRCC for language testing.


Education: One should possess either an abroad educational diploma or a Canadian educational diploma. An Educational Credential Assessment or the ECA Report must be submitted from an assigned, credible organization. This is to prove that the overseas certificate/degree/diploma submitted is at par with Canadian requirements credentials.

The lowest points for primary qualification for FSWP are 67/100. People securing points below are not eligible. Keep in mind that the elementary eligibility factors score and the resultant CRS score (Comprehensive Ranking System) are separate.


All qualified individuals have to make a profile in Express Entry System. The ECA and IELTS scores obtained are compulsory for this system. The profile is then ranked out of a total score of 1200 for evaluating factors like work experience, language capacity and proficiency, educational qualifications, age, etc. 


The CIC often holds frequent draws from the Express Entry pool and particularized the least CRS score for the draw. All the qualified candidates in the pool with scores more than the mentioned CRS least score is given an ITA. They are allowed to submit an application for a Canada PR Visa. The CRS least score has been at 450 and above till 2019.

For filing in this scheme, one must provide an Expression of interest and be fit in the field of work specified below the skill types. According to your answers, your portfolio will be judged and scored and you have to attain a minimum of 67 marks to grab a place amongst other applicants.

Professionals from different territories and employers from Canada will look through this group of enthusiasts seeking the required skill for their work. If you attain a high score you will be summoned to file for PR. The amount of these opportunities is however determined by the Yearly Migration Scale of the country. 

Finally, when you get a hang of the necessities for this scheme, you will go through an assessment to check if you meet the required qualifications. You will have to-:

       Strategize a plan to attain a good score in your weaker areas.

       Determine what is the maximum you can score to get amongst other applicants 

Yes, applicants with an IELTS 5 band can submit an application for Canada PR Visa. A number of immigration routes like the Atlantic Pilot Program, PNP or if you possess a legitimate job opportunity allow you to apply. 

Yes, you can submit online WES current working files for the ITAs launched as the part of Express Entry draw that took place on March 23 where 3232 candidates were appointed.

The Canadaian Migration wing oversees the Express Entry draws. The last draw took place on 23rd March in which 3232 applicants were provided with ITAs. Besides this, the Canadian states are conducting multiple PNP draws on a daily basis. Manitoba, British Columbia and Saskatchewan among others conducted their draws from March 26 to March 30. 

Study Visa FAQS

In order to get a study visa, you will first need to apply for an online application on the for the Canada Study Visa which you can find over the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Those nations who have internet issues can apply a paper based visa as well. Along with this you will also have to attach a Letter of Acceptance from the Designated Learning Institution, which is basically the university/ college you have been selected in and that institution needs to authorised by the Government of Canada. You would also need to submit an evidence of adequate financial resources as to who will be looking after your expenses in Canada and will be covering your education as well, the details need to be given as well. Two other most important factors that are considered when it comes to applying for Study Visa are your medical records, in which it should reflect your history and in order to achieve a study visa you will have to in a good health condition with the required tests. Another important factor is you should not have any sort of criminal records in order to get a study visa.

You will require a study permit, which is not same as a student visa. A study permit is a document which allows you to stay in Canada legally as long as its valid, which depends on your education. The study permits cost of CAD 150 and those students whose course is of six months or less need not have to apply for a Study permit.

Your study permit must be given to you within 15 to 20 days after the application. But the student must know that he/she cannot enter the country on the basis of the study permit and will be requiring a legal either visitor visa or student visa accordingly.

In order to apply for a study visa in Canada you will be requiring an acceptance letter from the respective university or college, a valid passport photo, a proof that you can support yourself or a family member during your stay in Canada. The results of your English proficiency test along with your other academic documents. You will also have to submit your medical certificate and receipt of payment of tuition fees.

Canada is considered to be one of the most affordable countries when it comes to student life. on an average an International student requires CAD 18,000 for undergrad education and when we talk about the students willing to pursue post- grad education on an average it will cost him/ her between CAD 17,000 to CAD 50, 000. Now you must note that the mentioned cost is only with regards to your tuition fees structure and the cost of living in Canada is different. You can check out our website for the further details where we have discussed about the other expenditures and their annual average spending.

When you plan on studying abroad be it Canada, UK, USA or any other country, you must check if you have the enough amount of financial aid which covers everything such as your tuition fees, accommodation, clothes, food, medical facilities and so on. There are many banks which provide student loans, which helps in covering all these aspects and apart from this many universities and colleges in Canada do provide scholarship to students, which helps in covering their tuition fees.

The ITR stands for the Income Tax Return, the students are expected to present this during their student visa application which tells the visa officials that the student is capable of affording their stay and education till the time they are living in Canada. The rest you will be told during the process of your admissions.

Students are expected to take up the required standardized tests such as the IELTS, TOEFL GRE, GMAT and SATs based on the universities requirements. In order to prepare for these examinations there are various centres or coaching which you could join for a year or so if you want to take up these exams.

An individual on student visa can bring along a dependent with them like their dependent parents or grandparents, niece, nephew, or other close relative or spouse and children can go along with the student and stay with them in Canada. In fact, the spouse of the student need not have to apply for a work visa and continue to work there under a Canadian employer and the children of the individual on student visa can also study in Canada and he/ she might not even require a study permit for it. now one can begin the process of their visas immediately once he/ she has begun with theirs or once his/ her student visa has been approved.

Indian students do not require Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) in order to apply for Canada Student Visa.

All students applying for student visa in Canada ae supposed to also apply for a special Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC), it can be from any banks participating such as the Nova Scotia Bank, ICCI Bank, SBI Canada Bank or any other for an amount of CAD 10,200 which would help in covering the first year of the student in Canada, and on the arrival of the student they will be provided with CAD 2000 and the rest will be given to them 12 equal instalments.

The students will be required to submit their attested copies of 10th and 12th grade, 2 academic references and 2 work references (letter of recommendation), proof of clearing the English Proficiency Test like IELTS or TOEFL, a score of their GMAT, GRE and SAT (if given). The student is also supposed to submit their CV along with a Statement of Purpose (SOP), passport size photographs, and certificates related to your academic as well as extracurricular activities should also be submitted.

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During this pandemic WES will continue to request for verification and re- verification to the organisation via email. But, they will not submit the verification and re- verification via post or courier until the office re- opens.

Yes, it most definitely like it has been the entire world. Due to safety reasons the WES has not submitted the verification and re- verifications as well.

If the student is unable to send his/her documents electronically they can apply at WES via the WES Contact us, where in the WES will themselves make arrangements for the required documents.

Yes, they are accepting international students, but for the time being all the universities in Canada are shut at the moment.

The top 5 professions which are in high demand this year are; a web developer, welder, driver, receptionist and sales associate. This is based on the recent data of 2020.

Computer science and engineering are the best courses in order to have a future in Canada as the country is known for its IT and Technology.

Work Visa FAQS

Absolutely. IELTS is a compulsory examination for anyone applying for a Canada PR Visa.

An overseas employee applying for a Canada Work Visa must provide all the required documents requested by the employer. They will also need these documents:

      A valid, legal passport with a validity that exceeds a span of 6 months from the planned date of arrival in Canadian territories.

      Two, or three recent well-lit passport-sized photographs

      Sufficient educational qualifications with the concerned, relevant certificates

      Relevant proof of professional qualifications and work endeavors in with certificates

      Proof demonstrating that your ample monetary funds for support and expenditures you and your family will engage in during your time in Canada

      A thorough physical medical examination from registered hospitals.

      If requested, Certificate Acceptation du Québec

      Evidence of relationships with Common-law partner, Spouse, and Children with attested certificates.

      A thoroughly completed application form of IMM 1295 for the Work Visa applied outside Canada.

      An accurate, completed form of IMM 5488 Document Checklist

      Completed form IMM 5645 regarding Family Information

      A form Schedule One –TRV/ Temporary Resident Visa Application, duly completed

      Form IMM 5409 Legal Statement of Common-law Union accurately answered

      Form IMM 5476 for Use of a Representative also must be submitted

Your study permit must be given to you within 15 to 20 days after the application. But the student must know that he/she cannot enter the country on the basis of the study permit and will be requiring a legal either visitor visa or student visa accordingly.

The visa requires a bare minimum overall score of 6.5 bands with a minimum of 6.0 score in the Academic test conducted for the IELTS

Canada Work Visa is granted to an overseas individual who intends to work on Canadian soil. They must refrain from being Canada PR Visa holders or citizens. This is imperative for working in Canada irrespective of whether the employer is living in Canada or not.

Canada Work Permit application from India requires the LMO – Labour Market Opinion, a verification from the labour market in Canada. The application for a Work Visa can be submitted only after getting a verified, positive LMO.

The Canada Work Visa process happens in two stages. In the first stage, the employer in Canada must apply approval from the Government of Canada to hire overseas workers. In the second step, the employee must apply for obtaining the Work Visa after getting permission under the mentioned employer

      The application is verified to ensure it has all the necessary documents. Incomplete applications are returned.

      You may need to undergo a medical exam by a certified hospital which can extend processing to three months to the processing time.

      Biometrics might have to submit as well with the application

      An officer will verify the credentials of the employer who has requested to hire you

      An officer will check if you qualify for the work permit in question

      After approval of your application, you will get a letter granting you permission to work on Canadian soil

      After submitting this letter, you will receive your Work Permit on arrival in Canada 

     It will have details pertaining to the type of work you will do, mention the employer and the place and duration of your work with other relevant details.

The government of Canada allows immigration of family or next of kin for individuals who fall into the listed conditions

You may be entitled to move with your immediate family consisting of your spouse and children if you are presented with a job offer from a Canadian employer.

Your children will be open to pursue their education at Canadian educational institutions without separate study or educational permits. Your spouse will be eligible to apply for an OPW so that they can work and earn on Canadian soil.

      Your spouse is allowed to work full time in Canada.
      Your spouse will not be required to attempt and clear the IELTS
      Your spouse can start working in Canada on arrival
      There is no minimum work experience required
      Your spouse can live with you as long as your visa is valid

You can apply for a spouse dependent work permit as soon as you receive your study/work permit in Canada. You will get them approximately around 15 days from the day of arrival.

With an open work permit the individual can work for any employer in Canada except for those companies that do not comply with labour requirements or are involved in services like escort services, erotic massage or exotic dancing.

    Applicants for the PR visa

    Financially dependent family members of these applicants

    The spouses and partners of skilled worker residents

    Spouses of overseas students

    Foreign nationals currently residing in Canada whose work permit will soon be terminated and have applied for permanent residence

    Refugees, protected persons, and their relatives

    Participants in any working holiday programs

    Foreign students who completed their post-secondary education in Canada