Moving to another country is a big step and feels as intimidating as stepping into a new world. There are a million worries rushing through your head like where are we going to find a home, where do we start looking for student accommodations, where to look for cheaper air tickets and so much more.

Your dream of relocating to a better place, a country for a better future of your family shouldn’t be hampered by the worries of immigrating to a new world. Canada is one of the safest countries in the world where people have made a home for themselves from all different cultures and countries from around the globe. It offers world-class facilities for people from all walks of life. A community that helps you grow is all that you need to build a future.

When you immigrate to Canada, it is always better to have a familiar face or someone you can trust in Canada. We step in and bear the responsibility of all your worries. At Tangri Law, we believe in building relations and helping the community grow. We provide immigration services, passport renewal services, student and work visa services, litigation services, business investment services and landing services.

We believe that applying for immigration and obtaining the visa is just 20% of the whole process of moving to a whole new country. We not only take care of the rest 80% but also the initial 20%. We provide individuals, families and corporations the proper legal counsel needed to immigrate to Canada. We also pride ourselves in providing the most practical solutions to your problems muddled with litigation or immigration. We help you find accommodation, housing, schools and so much more. We have offices bridging a network across the world from four countries. In India our offices can be located in Mohali and Gurgaon, Shenzhen in China; we operate from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and our home turf Burlington and Mississauga in Canada. We believe in providing only the best to our clients.

Landing Services

Landing Services are all the basic services that you would require as soon as you land. These also include your travelling plans and needs. We represent you in Canada till you are settled and geared to go live out your dreams. Our approach is to pounce on the problem head-on and think of practical, convenient solutions to it. Our motive is to ensure a seamless transition of your life in Canada. We provide a number of solutions and services, a part of those have been listed below.

Air ticketing

When you are immigrating to a new country, travelling can definitely be a costly affair. Air tickets are never cheap but if you know when to buy and whom to buy them from, it makes a lot of difference. At Tangri Law we help you to save as much of that hard earned money as we can. When you’re immigrating you might make the mistake of choosing the cheapest flight tickets for well they are cheap. When you do this you forget about the loads of luggage that you probably would be immigrating with to Canada, the airline fines for luggage overloads are not cheap.

We bring to you Motif Travel Mate Pvt. Ltd., a travel agency with the motive to minimize your splurge on travelling. They analyse every possible air ticket within the time frame of your immigration plans and provide to you the best possible option. They Go over all the listed airlines, making alternative travel plans that are not only economical but also efficient. They understand how the aviation industry and the pricing of air tickets work and they put in their expertise along with their resources to provide you with the best air ticketing possible within your budget.

We know travel can be expensive and a good start is needed to ensure a happy ending. We don’t wait for you to arrive in Canada for us to start looking out for you but we start from whenever you decide to move to Canada.

Medical Insurance

Availing medical facilities and a visit to the doctor is never cheap regardless of where you live, often employers might not provide a medical insurance for you and your family. Canadian Government has been pioneering in terms of running a health and safe country, healthcare in Canada is free but that like other things do come with conditions.

Under the free healthcare program only Canadian citizens can avail the services. The Canadian government states that newcomers may not have the same access that a Canadian citizen or permanent resident does, the insured persons are entitled to insurance benefits listed in the province. This alone makes it necessary for you to have a medical insurance.

We at Tangri Law take care of providing you with a medical insurance too if you are in need of it. We bring to you Tangri Insurance & financial group, at Tangri we believe in providing you with the best possible coverage under reasonable rates. We believe that illness or a medical emergency can strike any moment and to ensure you are properly covered to resist any emergencies that may arise.

We offer a range of Life insurances, Drug & Dental insurances and Critical illness insurances among others. The term life insurance is inexpensive and ensures that a lump sum amount of benefits can be reaped in by the beneficiaries in the event of the death of the life insured. The dental and drug insurance covers things that might not be covered by the government health policy. We offer the Drug & Dental insurance proudly to all small businesses, families, businessmen and more. The critical illness plan usually provides you with a tax-free sum of the treatment of life-altering disease you just underwent. The critical illness insurance can be designed to meet your specific needs too.

When you have recently immigrated to Canada you are not covered by any the Ontario health care program, the best alternative to anything else is to attain travel insurance. Under the travel insurance you will be insured for three months. You won’t want the medical bills to start piling in from the start of your new life only, Tangri group brings you travel insurance at very low rates.


The first thing to look for when you immigrate to Canada or any other new place is to look for housing and sort out the accommodation plans. We have business tie-ups with many real estate agents all over Canada that have the appropriate brokerage license to operate in Canada. We also offer services for seamless transition of international students for college accommodation. We fill out your paperwork, keep your application on the right track, do necessary inspection and when you arrive in Canada move you into your place of accommodation. Before you arrive in Canada it is necessary to have either a temporary accommodation sorted or have a house leased. We offer to help with temporary accommodation with regular discussions with you. Our partners would help you find the perfect home in Canada within your budget.

You can choose from a range of detached houses, condos, rental apartments and more. We also look for affordable housing plans and economical accommodations for students. Regardless of your budget we are sure to have something to offer to you that fits the budget.

We ensure that your travel plans are lined in accordance with the best time of the month to look for houses with you having enough buffer time to choose and understand your surroundings.

Airport Pick-up

We know how alienated the feeling is when you arrive in a new country, and we strive for you to not feel in a similar way when you arrive in Canada. We offer convenient airport pick-up services so that you have someone to guide you through and transfer you to your temporary accommodation without any hassles.

When you arrive in Canada you would be guided by signage both in English and French through customs and eventually to arrivals. After you land in Canada you will go through immigration, then the permits where you will get all your permits, then through to customs and lastly you will arrive at arrivals. Here one of our own would be waiting for you, after this they drop you off at your temporary residency.

We also offer airport pick-up for international students to prevent any confusion and anxiety on their part. We help you to accustom to at least one friendly face as soon as you arrive in Canada.

We understand the apprehensiveness of people to immigrate to a new country, but we also believe that for a better life you need to start somewhere, and there is no place like Canada to do that. We offer you not only services but also an opportunity to grow in a comprehensive community and a face to trust in a new country. We believe in simple client-oriented methods to all immigration and settling problems. Immigrating to a new country comes with tedious jobs of settling in; our aim is to help you resolve all these issues with care and efficiency. We believe that due to the excitement of a new life everything shouldn’t fall on your shoulders alone. We have been in this line of work for a really long time now, and over the years we have provided all our clients with the best practical solutions possible. Put your trust in us and we will be happy to help you to a new life. At the end of the day it is about making the post-landing work seamless and worry-free for you.