• Tangri Law Firm PC will work at a pace with you, your workforce, selected learning institution of Canada, to ensure the authenticity of the documents, with the relevant supporting data.
  • Our firm appreciates the exhilaration of the foreign applicants, either to pursue your academics in the land of Canada, or to work under a Canadian employer that has accepted your working proposals.
  • Our team of lawyers are prepared to help even those clients who are looking for our services with struggling on the process of acquiring Canadian Permanent Residency, or need representation to prove the altruistic contemplations or refugee backgrounds as a legal means to remain in Canada. This makes the work effortless and simple.
  • The clients those who are in India and are physically absent in Canada to file litigation related to property dispute, matrimonial dispute or fraudulent of any type in the Canadian courts, need not to worry as our firm provides help to them even. We also provide assistance to the one who wants to be aided by the Non-Profit Organizations or Non-Government Organizations in Canada